Slatter Estates Surfaces are a specialist surfacing contractor who design and install durable, safe, and aesthetic surfaces for private estates. We work closely with estate owners, architects and landscape contractors to ensure that our car park, private road, driveway and footpath construction meets the high quality expected from our clients.


We understand the importance of having a safe and functional road network on your property, and we are dedicated to providing a high-quality surfacing solution that meets your needs. We have a team of experienced civils experts who will work with you to design and install a bespoke car park, driveway, footpath or road system that is fit for purpose and compliant with all relevant regulations. We have full and direct control of quality assurance and works programming, contributing to our high standards of the finished product.

The time it takes to construct an Estate Road, Footpath or Driveway can vary from project to project. Our experienced in-house design team and dedicated Contracts Managers will discuss your project through each stage, ensuring that you are informed with planning, design, materials and timescale updates throughout.

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Our team has a wealth of experience in designing and installing all types of surfacing, from natural stone to tarmac, and resin to paving. By owning and managing our own resources, we provide exceptional quality assurance, ensuring a superior outcome on every project.

The materials used for driveways, footpaths and internal roads will vary depending on personal taste, the location and style of the property. Slatter Estates Surfaces will work with you to establish the safety, durability and potential planning requirements involved and offer trusted advice on surfacing solutions based on the specific planning and personal requirements.

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We pride ourselves on our reputation for delivering high-quality projects with exceptional workmanship and excellent customer service. We are committed to working closely with our clients to ensure complete satisfaction with the finished driveway, estate road or footpaths on their Private Estate.

Our Contracts Managers’ trusted experience has lead to the design and construction of surfaces for the Country’s largest private estates, from private home owners to the Royal Parks, Slatter Estates Surfaces are experienced in delivering large-scale Estate Roads and expansive driveways, offering trusted solutions for every project.

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How much it costs to build a road, car park, driveway or footpath for your Estate will depend on the size, location and materials used, but whether you require new access roads to be built, resurfacing an existing road or footpath, or planning on building a new driveway for your home, our Contracts Managers will visit your project and provide a detailed estimate of cost to complete the project to your specification.

If you’re refurbishing or constructing new roads, car parks, driveways or footpaths in your private estate, you may be able to spread the cost with the assistance of finance, to significantly reduce up front costs and protect cash flow.

Learn about car park finance options and what can be included on our funding and finance page.


Estate home in England